Stone After Stone Records is pleased to announce the release of The Mascot Theory band's new Tear It Down, Make It Better music video, produced by Erik Kjelland and directed by John Urban of the john urban production co.

Tear It Down, Make It Better

Performed by The Mascot Theory (Erik Kjelland, Adam White, Nick Fry, Paul Metz)

Written by Erik Kjelland, Copyright 2017 Velvet Mystery Publishing

Recorded and Mixed by Jake Johnson, Paradyme Productions, Madison, WI

Mastered by Jeff Hamilton, Hamtone Audio, Milwaukee, WI


Song available on Wisconsin Vinyl Collective Volume One, available April 22, 2017 from Stone After Stone Records.


Produced by:  Erik Kjelland

Directed by:  John Urban

Edited by:  Erik Kjelland and John Urban

Cameras:  Brian Alberth and John Urban

Shoot Location:

TNT Bomb Studio, Nick Berard

Awesome Interns:  Summer Wuestenberg and Amanda Conder


Special thanks to Jo Kjelland for the hand lettering and the child watching, to Jesse Vogel / Wisconsin Brewing Company for the refreshments, to Gabriel Kjelland for the paint splatter testing, and to Nick Berard of TNT Bomb Studio for the generous hospitality and the inspiring shoot location.


Shana LaFore -

Erik Kjelland

Paul Metz

Sara Kjelland

Eric Baker

Carley Richards

Laura Vincent-Arnold

Hannah Rose Lloyd

Elaine Cox

Bobby Burrier

Heather Kolb

Kendall Kolb


Summer Wuestenberg

Amanda Conder

Mackenzie Hannan

Makenna Peterson

Sydney Gifford

Rachel Rudd

Shelby Looke

Joel Hartlaub

Kirsten Hartlaub

Andrew Gugala

Sara Giencke

Mike Banck

The Mascot Theory's 3rd full length album, "Trust And Bones" now available

Over 1.5 years in the making, we can now jump for collective JOY as we have officially released our new "Trust And Bones" album.  It's available at The Mascot Theory's ONLINE STORE as a CD or a digital download. You can also pick up a CD at our favorite record store Strictly Discs in Madison WI. We have a limited quantity of CLEARANCE T-shirts available in our ONLINE STORE while supplies last!


And to celebrate the release of our new album, we have teamed up with the very talented Andrew Reuter of Project Lab to create an amazing woodworking video, showing step-by-step how he made a one-of-a-kind TMT Trust And Bones sign!! We love cross-platform artistic collaborations!

”Trust And Bones” is a collection of 10 songs recorded over a 1.5 year span by Brian Liston at Clutch Sound Studio (Madison, WI), inside the same hallowed walls that once housed Smart Studios (Garbage, Nirvana, Death Cab For Cutie).  The band once again tagged Sean Giovanni of The Record Shop (Nashville, TN) to handle the mixing duties of the album.  Giovanni recorded and mixed The Mascot Theory’s previous full length “Hand Me Down Miracles”album in 2014. The album was mastered by Independent Mastering in Nashville, TN.


"Trust And Bones" features guest appearances from the ridiculously talented Lillie Mae Rische on fiddle (Jack White's fiddler and background vocalist), Scarlett Rische on mandolin (Jypsi), Biff Blumfumgagnge on fiddle (Kicksville and The Gomers), Sam Wilson on pedal steel guitar (Sons of Bill), Paul Heinecke on horns (All That Jazz Big Band), and Brian Liston on rhodes piano.