Stone After Stone Records is pleased to announce the release of The Mascot Theory band's new Tear It Down, Make It Better music video, produced by Erik Kjelland and directed by John Urban of the john urban production co.

Tear It Down, Make It Better

Performed by The Mascot Theory (Erik Kjelland, Adam White, Nick Fry, Paul Metz)

Written by Erik Kjelland, Copyright 2017 Velvet Mystery Publishing

Recorded and Mixed by Jake Johnson, Paradyme Productions, Madison, WI

Mastered by Jeff Hamilton, Hamtone Audio, Milwaukee, WI


Song available on Wisconsin Vinyl Collective Volume One, available April 22, 2017 from Stone After Stone Records.


Produced by:  Erik Kjelland

Directed by:  John Urban

Edited by:  Erik Kjelland and John Urban

Cameras:  Brian Alberth and John Urban

Shoot Location:

TNT Bomb Studio, Nick Berard

Awesome Interns:  Summer Wuestenberg and Amanda Conder


Special thanks to Jo Kjelland for the hand lettering and the child watching, to Jesse Vogel / Wisconsin Brewing Company for the refreshments, to Gabriel Kjelland for the paint splatter testing, and to Nick Berard of TNT Bomb Studio for the generous hospitality and the inspiring shoot location.


Shana LaFore -

Erik Kjelland

Paul Metz

Sara Kjelland

Eric Baker

Carley Richards

Laura Vincent-Arnold

Hannah Rose Lloyd

Elaine Cox

Bobby Burrier

Heather Kolb

Kendall Kolb


Summer Wuestenberg

Amanda Conder

Mackenzie Hannan

Makenna Peterson

Sydney Gifford

Rachel Rudd

Shelby Looke

Joel Hartlaub

Kirsten Hartlaub

Andrew Gugala

Sara Giencke

Mike Banck

THE SONG:  Over The Horizon

After an inspiring evening at the 2015 Madison Area Music Association Awards, Erik Kjelland the front man for The Mascot Theory band met the event's host John Urban and had a brief conversation about collaborating on a future music video, something the band has wanted to accomplish for many years.  After going through songs on The Mascot Theory's latest Esepranto album they decided that they could tell a moving story using the song Over The Horizon. While the song that was not yet a staple of the band's live shows, the song spoke of love, hard work, and unending support which made it the obvious choice for the music video. The lyrics of the song were written on a red eye flight back from a grueling Nashville recording session when Kjelland was feeling tired yet and accomplished, but most of all guilt for leaving his family time and time again in a pursuit to create music.  The video features a sound check from the band as well as story line involving Kjelland's own family starring his wife Sara Kjelland and his three young children.


THE SHOOT LOCATION:  Mineral Point Opera House

Its not uncommon for adults to try to recreate their formative childhood memories and maybe that's why Kjelland always seems to gravitate back to the Mineral Point Opera House, the hometown theater that left a big impression on his love to entertain and create.  When he was a young pup his narrow and adolescent eyes didn't see the theater as a building with any significant historical value, just a place where he and his friends could catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster or a musical from a local theater group, or a live band. He described the air as "thick with the smell of fresh popcorn, a place that was easy to feel safe and grounded thanks to the chronically sticky floors from soda spills."  As he progressed through his teenage years Erik found himself pulled to the stage, stepping out from the audience to experience the seat-less area of the acoustically-tuned room. From this new perspective he witnessed the tireless stage crew as they scurried behind the large hanging curtains in attempts to capture and maintain the curiosity and wonderment of the audience, never drawing attention to themselves. He describes the stage lights as "so much brighter and blinding when pointed directly at you, and stage fright is easier to calm when you can't see your audience." Below the wooden stage and down the rickety old steps was the dressing room that would teach him the fine art of spelunking when forced to crawl through tight spaces to reach the dingy bathroom hidden behind pillars of concrete.  Perseverance out of necessity, a lesson learned early on that Kjelland puts in to use every single day.  And now with even older eyes he is able to appreciate his hometown and that stage.  Mineral Point was and still is an antiquer's heaven dedicated to the preservation of its unique architecture.  Over the last few years a great deal of effort and funding has gone into making the Mineral Point Opera House shine again.  He is thrilled that director John Urban was able to capture the newly-restored elements of this amazing space in The Mascot Theory's Over The Horizon video thanks to drone technology.  Kjelland is excited that this beautiful room will continue to host musical and theatrical events under the theater's managing director Parrish Johnston, allowing this unique space to inspire and entertain children of all ages in this great town.


THE DIRECTOR:  John Urban of the john urban production co.  -

John Urban is a filmmaker, photographer and writer based in Madison, WI.

John said while working on the video:

“You know you are working with a great song and a tremendously talented band when you edit a music video for them and you have to listen to the track hundreds of times, yet it still sounds as fantastic as the first listen.”


Stone After Stone Records is pleased to announce the release of The Mascot Theory band's new Over The Horizon music video, directed and edited by local legend and radio/tv personality John Urban of the john urban production co.



Erik Kjelland • vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica

Adam White • electric guitar, vocals

Nick Fry • upright bass, vocals

Paul Metz • drums, percussion, vocals


Guest Musicians:

Kenny Leiser • violin/fiddle

Peter Rische • mandolin, dobro

Amelia Kjelland • guest vocal


Directed and Edited by John Urban, the john urban production co.


Camera operators:

Brian Alberth

Jason Weiss

John Urban

Eric Tadsen (drone)

Vince Padilla (stills)


Filmed at Mineral Point Opera House, Mineral Point, WI and Kjelland residence, Madison, WI.


Special thanks to Parrish Johnston of Mineral Point Opera House for the hospitality, to Jo Kjelland and Jean Baker for the kid corralling, and to Sara Kjelland, Casi Tipton, Kelsey Achterberg, and Bobbie Kline for putting up with our crazy musical endeavors.


Video talent:

Sara Kjelland, Amelia Kjelland

Gabriel Kjelland, Jude Kjelland

Art Ranney


Song recorded and mixed by Brian Liston at Clutch Sound, Madison, WI.

Produced by The Mascot Theory and Brian Liston.

Song performed by The Mascot Theory and written by Erik Kjelland,  ©2015 Velvet Mystery Publishing ASCAP, all rights reserved.